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Power Injectable Central Venous Catheter

Following on from the success of the CDC (Centre Of Disease Control) recommended AntiMicrobial Impregnated  CVC, a catheter impregnated with a patented combination of silver sulfadiazine and chlorhexidine that has been shown to reduce catheter related bacteraemia by 79%*, Arrow and Fannin are delighted to announce the launch of the Power Injectable CVC with further key advantages:

Infusions and medications can be administered at a flow rate of up to 10ml/sec.

Flow rates of infusions and/or medication can be performed in a shorter period of time. The positive outcome: improved CT and CTA imaging.

Each lumen’s maximum flow rate is clearly marked on the respective lines. The capabilities and parameters of the catheter are immediately visible.

* “Getting Started Kit, Preventing Central Line Infections” Institute of Healthcare Improvements, 2004 S.3

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