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“Innovations in medical technology will play a vital role in helping healthcare providers around the world manage costs and improve care,” said Benson F. Smith, Teleflex Chairman, President and CEO.  The problem of hospital acquired infections is a challenging issue healthcare professionals currently address. That’s why Teleflex has launched an initiative to meet the associated requirements by providing innovative products and services that enhance the safety, efficacy, and quality of healthcare.

Teleflex offers the most technically advanced vascular access catheters, such as CVCs, sheath introducers and arterial lines. Starting from peripherally inserted catheters, sheath introducers, dialysis access products and specialty catheters for venous access, up to arterial catheterisation sets, and advanced multi-lumen-access catheters, they are renowned throughout the world.  Many of our vascular access catheters are treated with the unique ARROWg+ard Blue, an antimicrobial impregnation that is proven to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections.

Vascular Access
Teleflex offers you a broad variety of central venous catheters, including peripherally inserted catheters, sheath introducers, dialysis access products and specialty catheters – all developed by ARROW. Our unique ARROWg+ard Blue antimicrobial surface treatment is recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and proven to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infections. Additionally the ARROW Raulerson Syringe, Maximal Barrier and SharpsAway safety components are just a few of the advanced features that make our brands the most trusted in vascular access.

Central Venous Catheter (CVC)
With the ARROW CVCs, Teleflex offers you one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of CVCs and related products: from ARROWg+ard catheters and uncoated catheters to scores of unique comprehensive kits that include an array of options, such as ARROW Raulerson Syringe, maximal barrier drape, and safety components.  Why have over 22 million ARROWg+ard catheters been used worldwide since 1994? It’s simple: Clinicians like you asked ARROW to meet your needs. When you required a total, proven infection risk reduction solution, ARROW delivered. You asked for a wider array of catheter lengths, flow rates and customizable kits—and we gave you the broadest range of catheters in the industry.

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC)
Additionally to the CVC products, we offer a range of PICCs in different set configurations. Designed and inspired by the same obsession that made our central venous catheters the industry leader – with features like e.g. the ARROW BlueFlex Tip.

Hemodialysis Access
Chronic dialysis – Teleflex’s innovative dialysis access products will answer highest demands for fast, accurate placement, high flow and optimal performance, perfected by retrograde tunnelling techniques. A simple and fast removal of thrombi, emboli and blockages can be achieved by our ARROW percutaneous thrombolytic devices. And if you think about acute dialysis or hemofiltration, we can offer a range of high-flow catheters with or without antimicrobial impregnations. Each catheter is designed to be as easy to use as it is effective.

Hemodynamic Monitoring
Multi-lumen access catheters offer easy insertion, smoothness and kink-resistance in one, and are ideally suited for acute high-flow infusion and/or perfusion applications.

ARROW offers the widest variety of choices on percutaneous sheath introducer systems for right-heart catheters, insertion of pulmonary artery and thermodilution catheters in critical care settings, as well as for diagnostic settings in interventional cardiology and radiology.

ARROW “Super ArrowFlex Introducer” with re-inforced coilwire design allows the sheath to flex at any point without kinking and is specially designed for specific and difficult case(s) in Interventional –Cardiology and –Radiology. Visualisation is easy as it is extremely radiopaque.

Arterial Access Products
ARROW arterial products save time and increase the success rate of arterial access with their patented integral wire design. ARROW offers the only passive sharps safety arterial catheters with integral spring-wires. ARROW also offers the arterial products with normal Seldinger technique, but with smooth needle placement, extension set, suture wings and improved guidewire.

Trauma and Surgery
All ARROW Trauma products are designed with critical time factors in mind. Innovative devices like the ARROW EID (Emergency Infusion Device) and RIC (Rapid Infusion Catheter) incorporate high flow rates, simpler insertion techniques and ARROW kink-resistant sheaths.

Cavity drainage catheters from ARROW provide high capacity drainage and provide a reliable tool.  The pneumothorax set offers a simpler, less traumatic way to treat simple or spontaneous pneumothorax.  With the ARROW High-Flow Fluid Administration Set you can deliver more fluid per second, a vital feature in trauma cases.




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