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SEM Scanner™

What is the SEM Scanner™:

The SEM Scanner™ is a wound assessment device intended to provide information that health care professionals can utilize as an adjunct to the current standard of care for the early indication of pressure-induced tissue damage, such as pressure ulcers and Deep Tissue Injury (DTI).  The SEM Scanner™ uses integrated sensor technology to assess the presence of sub-epidermal moisture by emitting a low amplitude alternating current into the dermis.



  • Hand-held, portable
  • Objective measurements
  • Non-invasive, rapid results
  • Easy-to-use by all practitioners


SEM Scanner™

SEM Scanner™

Introduction of the SEM Scanner™ into Clinical Workflow:

The SEM Scanner™ fits seamlessly into existing habits and rituals of clinical workflows.  Optimal use of the SEM Scanneris accomplished in the following manner:

  • Upon admission during initial clinical assessments
  • Throughout length of stay during routine skin assessment
  • Upon discharge from the healthcare facility



The current standard of care in pressure ulcer prevention is based on visual assessment, which focuses on areas where pressure ulcers most commonly develop: the sacrum, trochanters, and heels. Unfortunately, the quality of visual skin inspection is highly dependent on the skill of the caregiver: wide and varying results are common. By the time pressure-induced tissue damage is visually evident at the skin’s surface, significant damage has already occurred.

The SEM Scanner™ offers solutions to these well-documented challenges in standard practice. Bruin Biometrics is delighted to put the power of information from the SEM Scanner– the 6th vital sign – in the hands of caregivers to help make pressure ulcer prevention possible.

SEM Scanner™ Brochure

For more information on the SEM Scanner™ click here.



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