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Ultrasounds Units
Fannin partners with SonoSite, who is the world leader in mountable, portable and hand-carried ultrasound systems. Through its expertise in ASIC design, we are able to offer imaging performance typically found in costly ultrasound machines weighing more than 300lbs, in a system approximately the size and weight of a laptop computer.  The Ultrasound equipment offers striking image quality, fluid resistance for easy cleaning and disinfection, and extreme durability.  There are five different models, Edge, M-Turbo, Mircomaxx, S Series and Nanomaxx.  If you would like to learn more, please contact one of our experts on the number below.

ROI orders / enquiries please contact

+353 1 2907000

+353 1 2907111

NI orders / enquiries please contact

+44 2890 735 588

+44 2890 735 599