You perform the procedures, we provide the medical devices that help and the medicines that heal. It’s a partnership that we have developed over generations of service. We strive to understand your needs and we share product knowledge in a way that's deeply practical, saving you time and energy best spent serving your patients.

Our teams are expertly trained and undergo rigorous assessment to ensure that their knowledge and skills are resources you can exploit to meet your needs. Our ambition is to know that when you next reach for a swab, insert an IV, put on a gown or administer a medicine, you know that Fannin is working quietly and responsibly behind the scenes to help you treat with greater ease.

The science of healing is changing fast. Staying up-to-date is key. Talk to us or register for our newsletter to learn about product developments, events and educational workshops that are relevant to your therapy. We’re here to help.


Sep 12

Bio-Rad Life Sciences

We now partner with Bio-Rad to bring you their full portfolio of innovative Life Science equipment, reagent and consumable products. Our relations... Read more

Sep 11

Airtraq® Avant

Fannin are pleased to announce the official launch of the Airtraq Avant, the new Low Cost per Use Airtraq® for Guided Video Intubation. Airtraq® ... Read more