Guided Video Intubation

Airtraq® is the only video laryngoscope that can be reasonably and economically placed in every location where an intubation is performed. It is highly effective for difficult and challenging airways, also awake, cervical immobilisation, bariatric and face-to-face intubations. Readily available throughout Theatres, Emergency Care and ICU, on resuscitation trolleys and for pre-hospital use, Airtraq® is single use to prevent cross contamination, easy to learn and simple to use.

For difficult intubation Airtraq® SP (single patient) available in six sizes
  • Regular Adult (ETTs 7.0-8.5), Small Adult (ETTs 6.0-7.5), Paediatric (ETTs 4.0-5.5), Infant (ETTs 2.5-3.5), Nasal and Double Lumen (35-41 Fr).
  • Improved Optical System
  • Reduced dimensions (mouth opening  A-021 15 mm and A-011 16 mm)
  • Improvements to Guide Channel: delivery angle and surface
  • Improved Eyecup
  • Reduced warm-up time
  • Improved on/off switch
  • Now only 2 batteries
For routine intubation – Airtraq® Avant Optical Laryngoscopes
  • Airtraq® Avant for challenging and elective airways, as well as for difficult airways
  • Airtraq® Optics inserts inside the single use Airtraq® Blade and is completely isolated from the patient, unlike many other videolaryngoscopy devices
  • Airtraq® Optics and Docking Stations provided free of charge
Airtraq® Digital Camera (A-360)
  • Display size 2.8”
  • Wifi connection to multiple iPad/iPhones simultaneously
  • Wifi to iPad/iPhone link in real time
  • Wifi and recording to be compatible simultaneously
  • Display to have clear viewing angles in every direction to 80º
  • Touch screen feature and intuitive menu options
  • Boot up in under 15 seconds
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Optical system tailor made for Airtraq® lens

Airtraq Guided Video Intubation

Airtraq Quick Reference Guide


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