Geltex Inside Pressure Relieving Mattress


A new dawn in medical mattresses has arrived. The unique performance of patented GELTEX® inside is derived from a fusion of gel, foam and air-filled cells, and represents a leap forward in mattresses for both hospital and the community. GELTEX® inside meets the demands of these environments where beds are often occupied 24 hours a day.

Because of its unique formula with gel properties GELTEX® inside combines BREATHABILITY, PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION and BODY SUPPORT in a way you don’t get with other foams.

Maximum Breathability

GELTEX® inside has a gel infused open cell structure with outstanding breathability that promotes an improved microclimate between patient and mattress.

Our laboratory testing demonstrates when using the same pressure of air through the materials the feathers are easily blown into the air through the GELTEX® inside material compared with the standard foam.

Body Support
Soft Yet Supportive

GELTEX® inside has a luxurious softness and superior body support compared to other pressure reducing foams. It’s high resilience characteristics will aid patient movement another essential feature in the prevention of pressure ulcers.

GELTEX® inside is not temperature sensitive and gently “pushes” back to provide the all-important support.


The resilience of GELTEX® inside technology is 5 times higher compared to visco-elastic foam. The optimal body support with Geltex® is obtained by the soft but resilient properties of this technology.

Pressure Distribution
Very High At Risk Category

The pressure maps show how the combination of softness and support give Geltex inside a unique advantage, where the excellent results can be plainly visible particularly in the heel zone.

FX-C6GT with Geltex inside brochure


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