HTR-PEKK Patient-Matched Cranial Implant

PEKK Facial

HTR-PEKK introduces state-of-the-art technology and material for manufacturing implants. Through laser sintering or 3D printed manufacturing, HTR-PEKK offers complex solutions to match patient needs.

HTR-PEKK Material

 PEKK (poly-ether-ketone-ketone) is a biocompatible material from the same polymer family as PEEK. This family of materials has been utilized in orthopedics and trauma since the 1980s.

Surgeons can now select a material for medical device implants offering properties such as radiolucency and high mechanical strength.


HTR-PEKK Offers:
  •  A high strength material with compressive strength of 24.9 Kpsi
  • Proven biocompatibility

  • Four fit options for patient specific aesthetics

  • Simplified CT data transfer through FTP and PACS

 HTR-PEKK is manufactured in partnership with Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) using OsteoFab™ Technology.


 You can learn more about PEKK Facial by clicking here.

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