LactoSorb® SE

LactoSorb® Resorbable Fixation System

The LactoSorb SE delivery system is a streamlined resorbable fixation system designed to offer surgeons and their O.R. staff ease-of-use while enhancing overall efficiently during the surgical procedure.


Clincial Features:
  • LactoSorb material (82% Poly-L-Lactic Acid and 18% Poly-Glycolic Acid)
  • LactoSorb plating achieves predictable resorption in approximately twelve months1,2
  • Decreases implant palpability
  • May decrease the possibility of growth restriction and screw migration in pediatric patients
  • Low incidence of inflammatory reaction or infection3
  • May eliminate the need for a second surgery based on implant resorption.
Efficiency and Ease of Use:
  • Convenient screw packaging screws are pre-packaged in cartridges that can be inserted into a screw tray for easy driver insertion
  • Cartridges available with 1, 2, 4 or 10 screws


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