Omnimax MMF

The OmniMax system consists of arch bars, screws and wires that work together to achieve temporary fixation of the maxilla and mandible to provide indirect or passive stabilization of fractures and maintenance of occlusion in the oral and maxillofacial region.


OmniMax MMF System Features

• Adjustable soft tissue stand-off

• Extended screw insertion slots for avoidance of tooth roots

• Minimal number of screws required for fixation

• Reduced need for specialized instrumentation during application


Extended Screw Insertion Slots
  • Our elongated, semi-locking slotted arch bar allows for variability in screw placement for tooth root avoidance.


Type II Anodization
  • OmniMaxTM Arch Bars are Type II anodized to increase fatigue strength and offer a smooth surface that minimizes sharp edges which may reduce patient irritation.


An All-Inclusive, Adaptable MMF System
  • The OmniMaxTM MMF System includes bone-borne arch bars, Erich Arch Bars and uniquely-designed IMF screws.
  • The system can be used as a stand-alone tray and is also compatible with the TraumaOne™ system for MMF procedures.
  • The outer container can be easily customized to house additional surgical instrumentation or implants – adapting to your surgical preferences.
Adjustable, Semi-Locking Technology
  • The unique arch bar and screw engage together to elevate the arch bar off of the soft tissue and to help prevent gingival compression.


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