OnPoint Lite Scope System

OnPoint 1.2mm Scope System

The OnPointTM 1.2 mm Scope System is an innovative breakthrough that provides minimally invasive visualization of the temporomandibular joint in the comfort and convenience of an office-based setting.


The OnPointTM system has been designed to provide visualisation for minimally invasive diagnostic and operative procedures. The TMJ arthroscope is a small, tube-like camera that projects the image of the joint onto a monitor, allowing the surgeon to view the inside the joint without making any large incisions. The OnPointTM system can be used in addition to a MRI scan, or alone for the surgeon to determine the next plan of action for each patient.


The OnPointTM system allows the surgeon to view the inside of the temporomandibular joint in their office instead of having to perform exploratory surgery in the operating room. With a scope diameter no larger than an 18 gauge needle, this state-of- the-art imaging system allows for an accurate and less invasive procedure.


The OnPoint™ System Utilises:
  • System hardware, software, and hand-piece
  • Disposable scope
  • Disposable Instrumentation: cannula, trocar, obturator, and cannula plug
  • Procedure Kit including sterile supply items needed for the procedure


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