Pressure Infusers

INFU-SURG Pressure Infuser Bags

Infu-Surg clarity and mesh backed pressure infuser bags 

Simple to use: Loads quickly & easily

Easy to clean – Wipe down with mild detergent

Pressurises & deflates easily with just one hand. 3-way stopcock ensures precise control of pressure

Clarity – Clear Front Panel allows accurate visual clarity when checking drug labels

No external power source required

Available in 3 sizes: 500 cc, 1000 cc  and 3000 cc

Colour Coded Gauge: Easy to read, Indicator moves up as pressure increases 360° View

Safety Valve: Prevents over inflation of bag

Incredibly Reliable – 100% tested

Latex Free

4005INFU-SURG Resposable Pressure Infuser Bag 500 cc
4010INFU-SURG Resposable Pressure Infuser Bag 1000 cc
4030INFU-SURG Resposable Pressure Infuser Bag 3000 cc

INFU-SURG CLARITY Pressure Infuser Bag With Clear Front Panel 500 cc

4100INFU-SURG CLARITY Pressure Infuser Bag With Clear Front Panel 1000 cc


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