SKINTACT® Electrosurgical Active Electrodes

Disposable Diathermy Accessories

SKINTACT® Cool Contact Active Electrodes are manufactured using the finest materials.

The universal connection is compatible with all available ESU pencils and the anti rotation hex lock eliminates the risk of rotation during the procedure.

SKINTACT® offers an extensive range of active electrosurgical electrodes to meet all of your surgical needs

Products available 

AE-0-W Standard Blade – 75mm 
AE-2 -W Coated Non Stick standard blade 
AE-3-W Extended 6” Blade
AE-4-W 6” Coated Non stick Blade
AE-51-W 6″ Coated insulated blade 
AE-5-W 4mm Ball
AE-6-W Standard Needle 
AE-7-W Extended 6” Needle
AE-8-W Coated Non Stick standard Needle
AE-9-W 5mm Ball
AE-10-W 6″ Extended Ball 5mm 
AE-21-W 10″ Extended Blade
AE-25-W Extended 6″ Non Stick coated Needle 
AE-26-W 4″ Blade
AE-27-W Ultrafine Tungsten Dissecting Needle Straight 70mm
AE-28-W Ultrafine Tungsten Dissecting Needle 45 degree angle
AE-47-W Ultrafine Tungsten Dissecting Needle Straight 50mm
AE-29-W Standard  Blade Insulated with exposed tip 
AE-30-W Standard  Needle  Insulated with exposed tip 
AE-31-W Extended 6″  Needle Insulated with exposed tip 
AE-32-W Extended 6″Blade Insulated with exposed tip 
AE-39-W 4″ Coated Non Stick Blade 100mm
AE-37-W Standard ENT Coated Non Stick Blade Insulated with exposed tip 
AE-40-W Extended 8″  Coated Non Stick Blade Insulated with exposed tip
AE-41-W Extended 10″ Blade 250mm Insulated with exposed tip
AE-46 Extended 4″ Coated Non Stick Blade Insulated with exposed tip
AE-11-W Loop 10mm x 5mm x 130mm
AE-12-W Loop 10mm x 10mm x 130mm
AE-13-W Loop 15mm x 10mm x 130mm
AE-14-W Loop 15mm x 15mm x 130mm
AE-16-W Loop 20mm x 15mm x 130mm
AE-17-W Loop 20mm x 20mm  x 130mm
AE-19-W 20mm x 18mm Loop x 130mm
AE-23-W 25mm x 15mm Loop x 130mm
AE-33-W 15mm x 12mm Loop x 130mm
AE-34-W 20mm x 12mm Loop x 130mm
AE-35-W 15mm x 18mm Loop x 130mm
AE-36-W 5mm x 5mm Loop x 130mm
AE-42-W Rocket Loop Small 14mm x 130mm
AE-43-W Rocket type Loop Medium 18mm x 130mm
AE-44-W Rocket type Loop Large 22mm x 130mm
AE-45-W Rocket type Loop Square 10mm x 130mm
AE-C01 Meditech type Loop Electrode 8mm x 130mm
AE-C02 Meditech type Loop Electrode 12mm x 130mm
AE-C03 Meditech type Loop Electrode 15mm x 130mm
AE-C04  Meditech type Loop Electrode 18mm x 130mm
AE-20-W 6″ Extended Ball 3mm
AE-18-W 6″Extended Ball 4mm 
AE-10-W 6″ Extended Ball 5mm 
AE-52-W 8mm Ball 


ELM11-0505C-35 Loop Electrode 5x5mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-1010C-35 Loop Electrode 10x10mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-1512C-35 Loop Electrode 15x12mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-1515C-35 Loop Electrode 15x15mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2010C-35 Loop Electrode 20x10mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2012C-35 Loop Electrode 20x12mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2015C-35 Loop Electrode 20x15mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2020C-35 Loop Electrode 20x20mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2508C-35 Loop Electrode 25x8mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2522C-35 Loop Electrode 25x22mm,35mm Shaft

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