SKINTACT® Diathermy Active Electrodes

Diathermy Accessories

  • SKINTACT® Cool Contact Active Electrodes are manufactured using the finest materials.
  • The universal connection is compatible with all available ESU pencils and the anti rotation hex lock eliminates the risk of rotation during the procedure.
  • SKINTACT® offers an extensive range of active electrosurgical electrodes to meet all of your surgical needs
Technical Details
Products available 
Code Description 
AE-0-W Standard Blade - 75mm
AE-2 -W Coated Non Stick standard blade
AE-3-W Extended 6” Blade
AE-4-W 6” Coated Non stick Blade
AE-51-W 6" Coated insulated blade
AE-5-W 4mm Ball
AE-6-W Standard Needle
AE-7-W Extended 6” Needle
AE-8-W Coated Non Stick standard Needle
AE-9-W 5mm Ball
AE-10-W 6" Extended Ball 5mm
AE-21-W 10" Extended Blade
AE-25-W Extended 6" Non Stick coated Needle
AE-26-W 4" Blade
AE-27-W Ultrafine Tungsten Dissecting Needle Straight 70mm
AE-28-W Ultrafine Tungsten Dissecting Needle 45 degree angle
AE-47-W Ultrafine Tungsten Dissecting Needle Straight 50mm
AE-29-W Standard  Blade Insulated with exposed tip
AE-30-W Standard  Needle  Insulated with exposed tip
AE-31-W Extended 6"  Needle Insulated with exposed tip
AE-32-W Extended 6"Blade Insulated with exposed tip
AE-39-W 4" Coated Non Stick Blade 100mm
AE-37-W Standard ENT Coated Non Stick Blade Insulated with exposed tip
AE-40-W Extended 8"  Coated Non Stick Blade Insulated with exposed tip
AE-41-W Extended 10" Blade 250mm Insulated with exposed tip
AE-46 Extended 4" Coated Non Stick Blade Insulated with exposed tip
AE-11-W Loop 10mm x 5mm x 130mm
AE-12-W Loop 10mm x 10mm x 130mm
AE-13-W Loop 15mm x 10mm x 130mm
AE-14-W Loop 15mm x 15mm x 130mm
AE-16-W Loop 20mm x 15mm x 130mm
AE-17-W Loop 20mm x 20mm  x 130mm
AE-19-W 20mm x 18mm Loop x 130mm
AE-23-W 25mm x 15mm Loop x 130mm
AE-33-W 15mm x 12mm Loop x 130mm
AE-34-W 20mm x 12mm Loop x 130mm
AE-35-W 15mm x 18mm Loop x 130mm
AE-36-W 5mm x 5mm Loop x 130mm
AE-42-W Rocket Loop Small 14mm x 130mm
AE-43-W Rocket type Loop Medium 18mm x 130mm
AE-44-W Rocket type Loop Large 22mm x 130mm
AE-45-W Rocket type Loop Square 10mm x 130mm
AE-C01 Meditech type Loop Electrode 8mm x 130mm
AE-C02 Meditech type Loop Electrode 12mm x 130mm
AE-C03 Meditech type Loop Electrode 15mm x 130mm
AE-C04  Meditech type Loop Electrode 18mm x 130mm
AE-20-W 6" Extended Ball 3mm
AE-18-W 6"Extended Ball 4mm
AE-10-W 6" Extended Ball 5mm
AE-52-W 8mm Ball
ELM11-0505C-35 Loop Electrode 5x5mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-1010C-35 Loop Electrode 10x10mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-1512C-35 Loop Electrode 15x12mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-1515C-35 Loop Electrode 15x15mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2010C-35 Loop Electrode 20x10mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2012C-35 Loop Electrode 20x12mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2015C-35 Loop Electrode 20x15mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2020C-35 Loop Electrode 20x20mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2508C-35 Loop Electrode 25x8mm,35mm Shaft
ELM11-2522C-35 Loop Electrode 25x22mm,35mm Shaft

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