Stat-Check CO2 Indicators

The STAT-Check is used as an adjunct assessment tool for verification of successful ventilation/ intubation. Ventilation, intubation and circulation are confirmed by carefully watching for colour change of the CO2 indicator.

Every second counts!

  • A simple twist removes the cap and immediately activates CO2 detection
  • Both DEHP and latex free
  • Can be used for <4 hours
  • Ideal for emergency situations

* Suitable on all patients >2.2 Kg body weight

How it works

The colour of the indicator cartridge suggests the percentage of the end-tidal CO2 in the concentration range of 0 to 5%.

The colour of the cartridge may be compared to the label to give an approximation of end-tidal CO2. Lack of colour change may indicate improper intubation.

Stat-Check CO2 Indicators



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