Sternalock® Blu

Primary Closure System

Don’t let sternal recovery take away from your life-saving procedures. Let rigid sternal fixation be the signature of your masterpiece.


We offer a portfolio of rigid fixation systems for use in the stabilization and fixation of fractures of the chest wall following sternotomy and sternal reconstructive surgical procedures.

SternaLock® Blu is specifically designed by cardiothoracic surgeons for primary sternal closure following median sternotomies for open-heart procedures.

Benefits of Rigid Fixation:
  • Increased stability
  • Greater strength
  • Reduced sternal separation
  • Superior bone healing
  • Reduced pain and narcotic usage
Features of the SternaLock® Blu Rigid Fixation System
  • Rigid fixation system for use following sternotomy or sternal reconstructive procedures
  • Patent pending cuttable cross-sections for emergent re-entry
  • Uniquely designed thin plates for anatomical fit
  • Cancellous screws designed for the sternum
  • Specially designed instrumentation
SternaLock® Blu Study

In the SternaLock® Blu Study, the gold standard for assessing bone healing was used to evaluate sternal healing. CT scans at three and six months demonstrated that patients treated with SternaLock® Blu experienced improved and faster healing than patients treated with wire cerclage. At 3 months, 2.6x more patients with SternaLock® Blu had sternal healing than wire cerclage patients, and by 6 months, 80% of SternaLock® Blu patients had sternal healing. The use of SternaLock® Blu also mitigated the negative impact on sternal healing of various patient risk factors, including age, BMI and smoking.

At six months, the overall sternal complication rate was 0% in patients treated with SternaLock® Blu and 5% in patients treated with wire cerclage. These sternal complications resulted in multiple readmissions, 11 reoperations, and an additional 94 days of hospital stay. An analysis of risk factors for sternal complications revealed that the only predictor of sternal complications in this study was the method of sternal closure, and patients closed with wire cerclage were 11.5x more likely to have a sternal complication than SternaLock® Blu patients.

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