Steve+ Handles

Steve+ is the new way to put on and remove compression stockings

All over the world millions of people, both young and old, wear compression stockings. Until now, putting these stocking on and off was no easy task. Steve+® solves this problem.

Steve+ comes in three separate parts: EasyON, Handles and Ring, allowing for a variety of application and removal methods, with or without assistance. This can be done either sitting or lying down.

Using Steve+ without assistance

Bending over is no longer required with Steve+ Handles, so even rheumatism or arthritis sufferers can easily use their compression stockings. The Steve+ system can easily be taken apart and carried with you.

Using Steve+ with assistance

Steve is a convenient solution for medical professionals and carers. Any stocking can be put on or removed with hardly any effort.

Now available on FP10 in three parts: EasyON, Handles and Ring.

Steve+ Handles is available in various sizes to fit all requirements.
• XSMALL for circumferences 25-30 cm
• SMALL for circumferences 30-38 cm
• MEDIUM for circumferences 38-46 cm
• LARGE for circumferences 46-54 cm


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