Tulip GT

Oral Airway

The Tulip GT is a latex-free, multi-sized adult oral airway consisting of a breathing tube within a polyhedral bevelled cuff fitted at the distal end which inflates behind the palatopharyngeal folds, below the soft palate, behind the tongue and fills the space within the oropharynx above and behind the epiglottis, above the level of the glottic entrance. The Tulip GT is designed to manage the airway during routine and emergency anaesthetic procedures and to establish a clear airway during resuscitation.

The correct size Tulip GT is inserted so that the inflatable cuff enters the mouth first, with the concave aspect of the tube curve upper most when the patient is supine. The Tulip GT is then inserted according to size and colour markings upon the tube, relative to the size of the patient. The Tulip GT’s cuff is then inflated with a volume of air printed on the tube, according to pre-selected size, to form an airtight seal around the oropharynx. The Tulip GT can provide a clear and relatively secure ventilating airway without the need for the skill of laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation. When correctly performed, the insertion technique is straight forward, non-traumatic and is easily learned by non-anaesthetists. Full training in Tulip GT use is recommended for all.

Why Choose Tulip?

  • Useable device for ambulance, anesthesia, bronchoscopy, resuscitation, difficult airway.
  • Proven to outperform guedel.
  • Ease of use for both clinical and non-clinical personnel.
  • Less traumatic than LMA/iGel.
  • Exceptional airway pressures.
  • Reduced use of sedative due to more comfortable insertion.
  • Less stocking as ‘one size fits many’.
  • Reduced cost of alternatives.
  • Direct connectability for hands-free ventilation.

Tulip GT Product Range

Tulip Airway


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