One of the most frequently reported safety incidents in Hospitals is Falls.

With over 250,000 recorded in the UK every year, costing the NHS over £2.3 billion annually. Not all falls are preventable. However, early identification of the risk factors, along with precise interventions, has been shown to reduce inpatients falls by 20-30%. One of the suggested interventions is to provide appropriate footwear to patients and residents. While it is not possible to provide shoes to every patient, many hospitals are opting to use Anti-Slip Slipper Socks as one way of trying to reduce the risk of falls, especially when appropriate footwear is not available.

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SfTsox  – Double-sided anti-slip socks, designed to help reduce the risk of falls

  • Available in four sizes
  • High-quality terry cloth ensures comfort
  • Double-sided anti-slip treads to reduce the risk of them being worn incorrectly
  • Manufactured from 98% polyester and 2% Spandex allowing extra stretch
  • Can be worn over compression socks
  • Latex-free