The DCC Vital Medical Device Management team are excited to announce that Espiner has undergone a brand refresh.

In 2015, Espiner Medical was acquired by DCC Vital as part of a strategy to increase own brand product range.

This brand refresh is the conclusion of the integration of the Espiner brand to Fannin Medical Device portfolio.  The new visual identity for Espiner demonstrates a fresh modern look and feel which captures innovation, while maintaining the most recognizable attributes of the brand including the name, the association with hot air balloons and the ‘key’ logo.

The brand celebrates what the Espiner Brand stands for – high quality, cutting edge technology, developed through collaboration with world leading surgeons.


Espiner’s History

The award-winning Espiner range of Tissue Retrieval Sacs brought to you by Fannin, provides ease of deployment, positioning and retrieval. Developed through collaboration with surgeons to deliver time savings, cost efficiencies and more importantly – improved patient outcomes.

The business was founded in 1990 by a leading laparoscopic surgeon and a materials specialist, who were able to bring together insights into a surgeon’s clinical needs and the most appropriate raw materials to use. Espiner Medical’s products all use a unique woven nylon fabric which is strong, light, leak-proof and not easily ripped – ideal for use in laparoscopic surgical procedures.

In 2015, as part of a strategy to increase own brand product range, Espiner Medical was acquired by Fannin UK Ltd, part of DCC Vital.  This acquisition provided Espiner with the scale and infrastructure to distribute our unique and innovative range of Tissue Retrieval Systems around the world.