Nexcelom Bioscience is a developer and marketer of image cytometry products for cell analysis in life science and biomedical research. Products range from cell viability counters (Cellometer) to high throughput microwell image cytometry workstations (Celigo), used in thousands of research laboratories in academic institutes, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The company contributes to the life science industry through innovation and expertise in the science of cell counting.

Nexcelom’s product family includes instruments, consumables and reagents. Nexcelom customers engage in a wide variety of research, such as cancer research, immunology, stem cell research, and neuroscience. Nexcelom offers different Cellometer models to count and analyze cell lines and primary cells, through bright field and fluorescence imaging modes. In addition, Celigo is a powerful high image quality, high throughput image cytometry system for adherent and suspension cells in microwell plates.