BLT Biolight

Founded in 1993, BIOLIGHT is an internationally established leading provider in medical devices, medical consumables and healthcare solutions. At BIOLIGHT, we look beyond the technology to the experience of dedicated healthcare professionals and find inspirations in the needs of our customers. That is why BIOLIGHT has continued to be considered as a leading innovator in the areas of patient monitoring and emergency responds, Hemodialysis renal care, and digital health homecare solutions.


With headquarter in Zhuhai China, BIOLIGHT has a firm global R&D, Marketing, Sales and Service presence. Biolight has established 8 researches and manufacturing plants, 12 subsidiaries, and oversea sales branches covering sales and services in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America expanding over 135 countries and counting.


Firmly committed to their mission: “Pushing the boundary for the better health of mankind”. BIOLIGHT has consistently invested more than 10% of their annual revenues into researches and designed. In 1994 BIOLIGHT brought to market China’s very first modular multi-parameters patient monitor. In 2000 BIOLIGHT introduced China’s first electronic digital colposcope. 2004 BIOLIGHT became China’s only National Patient Monitoring Industry Base involved in facilitation, education, regulation of patient monitoring medical devices on an industry level at a national scale.


BIOLIGHT established 7 high-techs manufacturing campus across China, located in Zhuhai, Tianjin, Liaoning, Chongqing, Changzhou, and Nanchang, with a combine area of 1,898,000 sqm conveniently and efficiently deliver quality products across the country and across the globe. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is controlled through a set of intelligent quality measures. Every product that is comes out of their facilities is put through a strict complete quality control system to ensure maximum satisfactory and traceability.


BLT Biolight

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