Celigo Imaging Cytometer

Microwell plate based image cytometer for adherent and suspension cells

Celigo is a bench-top, micro-well plate based, bright field and fluorescent imaging system designed for live cell analysis.

The best-in-class bright field imaging capability, in combination with 4 fluorescence channels, provide high speed, fully automated imaging and quantification of suspension, adherence cells, tumor spheroids, iPSC and cancer stem cell colonies within 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536-well plates, T flasks, and slides.

Proprietary optics and scanning system enable fast imaging of entire well while maintaining consistent illumination and contrast out to the well edge, for accurate identification of all cells within each well.

With an intuitive software interface and optional integration into automation platforms, the Celigo provides labs with increased capabilities.

  • Data Visualization  Convenient data visualization environment that facilitates data interpretation.
  • Automation – Automated microplate handling for either kinetic end-point analysis or time-point analysis.
  • Bright Field Imaging for All Well Sizes – The Celigo Image Cytometer provides the best-in-class bright field imaging for all well sizes.
  • API & Data Management – Application programming interface (API) and data management solution for integration into automated workflows.
  • Bright Field & 4 Fluorescent Channels

Celigo Product Guide


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