Cellometer Auto 1000 Bright Field Cell Counter

Touchscreen automated cell counter for trypan blue viability

Trypan Blue Viability in Less than 10 Seconds!

The Auto 1000 utilizes bright field imaging to quickly and accurately identify and count individual live cells and dead cells stained with Trypan Blue. Cell count, concentration, diameter, and % viability are automatically calculated and reported in < 10 seconds.

Simple, User-friendly Procedure

Cellometer Auto 1000 Trypan Blue Viability Results






Accurate Cellometer Cell Counting

… Now Even Faster and Easier

  • Improve counting of live/dead cells, individual cells within clusters, and irregular-shaped cells: Proprietary Cellometer software

  • Spend less time counting and more time on research: Concentration and viability in <10 seconds!

  • Convenient stand-alone system with a large, user-friendly touch screen

  • View, print, and save counted cell images, data reports, and cell size histograms: Connect to a network or use a USB drive

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