Cellometer Mini Automated Cell Counter

Affordable, accurate automated cell counting using trypan blue viability

The Cellometer Mini utilizes bright field imaging and pattern-recognition software to quickly and accurately identify and count individual live cells and dead cells stained with Trypan Blue. Trypan blue cell count, concentration, diameter, and % viability are automatically calculated and reported in <10 seconds … in only 3 seconds with some computers!


  • Affordable Automated Cell Counting
  • “Wicked Fast” Results
    • Concentration and Viability in < 10 seconds
  • Improved Accuracy vs. Manual Counting
    • Superior identification of live vs. dead cells,
      individual cells in clusters, and irregular-shaped cells
  • Improved Precision vs. Manual Counting
    • Eliminate manual counting and recording errors
    • Reduce inter-operator variability
    • Eliminate wash steps and potential cross-contamination
  • View, Print, and Save Counted Images, Data Reports, and
    Cell Size Histograms

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