Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometry System

Customizable Cell Counting and Image Cytometry Instrument

The Spectrum Image Cytometer is a customizable cell counting and cytometry instrument that provides flow-like data with predesigned templates. Quickly plot cell population data as a histogram, scatter plot, dot plot or contour plot using FCS express.
The filter sets are user-changable, allowing you to customize the instrument for specific assays/reagents of interest.


  • All-in-One System – Basic cell counting, primary cell viability, and cell-based assays. – 
  • Dual-Fluorescence for Accurate Primary Cell Viability – No interference from red blood cells. Analyze bone marrow, peripheral blood, and cord blood without lysing.
  • Unique Algorithms for Advanced Cell Analysis – Determine concentration and viability of hepatocytes, adipocytes, and other sophisticated cell types.
  • Fast Results – Obtain cell images, counts, size measurements and viability calculations in < 30 seconds per sample.


Simple Cell-Based Assays

  • Pre-qualified reagents
  • Small 20 µl sample size
  • Simple, image-based analysis
  • Pre-defined instrument settings
  • Assay-specific data templates
  • Accurate, consistent results


Cellometer spectrum


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