Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometer

Dual fluorescent image cytometer for 20 µL cell-based assays


Simple, 20µl Cell-Based Assays

The Vision CBA System combines the simplicity of image cytometry with the power of flow analysis software to offer user-friendly cell-based assays, featuring:

  • Validated assay kits and reagents
  • Simple staining and analysis procedures
  • Default settings for automated data generation
  • No washing. No clogging. No daily calibration.


Growing Menu of Fluorescent Cell-Based Assays

  • Apoptosis (Annexin V-FITC / PI)
  • Apoptosis (Caspase Activity)
  • Autophagy (CytoID-green)
  • Cell Proliferation (CFSE)
  • Cell Cycle (PI)
  • GFP, RFP, YFP Transfection
  • Mitochondrial Potential / Early Cell Death (JC-1)
  • Multi-Drug Resistance (ABC Transporter)
  • Surface Marker Analysis (PE, APC, FITC)
  • Viability (AO/PI, Trypan blue)
  • Vitality (Calcein-AM / PI)

Flow-Like Data Output

Vision CBA and FCS Express Software enable automated data output to pre-set data layouts for individual cell-based assays. Users have the option to modify the automatic gating with instant visual display and data update.

  • Cell Images
  • Data Tables
  • Dot Plots
  • Histograms

Data layouts can be modified to accommodate multi-sample analysis and create customized analysis and / or quality control reports.

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