Criterion™ Blotter

The Criterion™ blotter provides a combination of blotting efficiency and flexibility in an easy-to-use unit.

Features and Benefits
  • Capacity to blot 2 Criterion gels or 4 Mini-PROTEAN® handcast or precast gels
  • Closely spaced electrodes produce maximum field strength and efficient transfers in 30 min to 1 hr for most proteins; overnight transfer at lower voltages is also an option
  • Included assembly tray can be used for gel soaking, sandwich assembly, and to ensure correct orientation of the gel and blot
  • Included roller removes air bubbles in the sandwich to ensure complete transfer
  • Included sealed cooling unit is sufficient for most transfers and absorbs heat generated during rapid transfers
  • Optional cooling coil is available for applications that require precise temperature control
  • Cassette handles allow easy removal from the tank, and overflow chambers keep your laboratory bench dry
Applications and Uses
  • Western blotting
  • Nucleic acid transfer


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