Helios® Gene Gun System

The Helios gene gun is a convenient handheld device that provides rapid and direct transfection into a range of targets in vivo. The unit uses an adjustable low-pressure helium pulse to sweep DNA-, RNA-, or biomaterial-coated gold microcarriers from the inner wall of a small plastic cartridge directly into target cells.

Key Features
  • Provides easy-to-use, rapid, versatile gene delivery independent of target cell type
  • Facilitates both transient and stable expression
  • Requires only small amounts of DNA and cells; no carrier DNA needed
  • Enables codelivery of more than one plasmid
  • Allows transfer of large DNA fragments
  • Targets intracellular gene delivery to many cells
  • Works for both in vitro and in vivo transformation
  • Delivers no extraneous genes or proteins

More information


ROI orders / enquiries please contact

+353 1 2907000

+353 1 2907111

NI orders / enquiries please contact

+44 2890 735 588

+44 2890 735 599

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