Nuclear Staining Dyes

PureBlu™ Nuclear Staining Dyes are designed to specifically stain the nuclei of cells in fixed and unfixed samples for fluorescence microscopy and cell imaging applications.

Based on the well-recognized DAPI and Hoechst 33342 chemistries, PureBlu Dyes are offered in a ready-to-reconstitute, high-purity powder format. PureBlu DAPI and PureBlu Hoechst 33342 Dyes are both ready to use after a single dilution — no weighing required.

Features and Benefits of PureBlu Nuclear Staining Dyes
  • High purity formulation for quality results in challenging experiments
  • Pre-aliquoted powder format eliminates time-consuming weighing steps
  • Convenient format allows you to generate working solution with only one dilution step after resuspension
  • Compatible with multicolor experiments
Applications and Uses of PureBlu Nuclear Staining Dyes
  • Nuclear staining
  • Microscopy and cell imaging
  • Multicolor experiments

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