One-Step RT-ddPCR Advanced Kit for Probes

This one-step reverse transcription digital PCR supermix delivers improved efficiency, specificity, and sensitivity for precise RNA target quantification with Droplet Digital™ PCR.

Key Benefits
  • Absolute quantification by Droplet Digital PCR in a convenient single-reaction format
  • Contains all components required for hydrolysis probe–based RT-ddPCR except primers, probe(s), and template
  • Limits nonspecific PCR amplification
  • Optimized enzyme blend enables partitioning of RNA samples into droplets while keeping the enzymes inactive until the reverse transcription reaction is performed at 50°C
  • Contains RNase inhibitor to protect the RNA throughout the entire workflow
Applications and Uses
  • Absolute quantification
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Viral load detection
  • Pathogen detection

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