Reagents and Kits

Optimized for Nexcelom imaging systems & other fluorescence-based instruments

Nexcelom Bioscience offers a wide range of fluorescent reagents and kits for cell counting and cell-based assays. Our reagents are optimized to work with Cellometer and Celigo imaging systems as well as other fluorescence-based instruments. Nexcelom’s dependable and high-performance products give scientists better tools for better biology for better life!

  • Accurately perform fluorescence-based cell counting and viability assays. Measure percent viability and number live/dead cells.
  • Use fluorescent reagents to measure yeast viability and vitality during any stage of the brewing process.

Apoptosis Reagents

  • Measuring programmed cell death using various apoptosis detecting reagents: Annexin V, Caspase 3/7-Live-cell, Caspase 3 and Caspase 8.
  • The cell cycle kit is designed for fast and simple determination of the cell cycle phases by labelling and quantifying nuclear DNA with propidium iodide.
  • Fluorescent proliferation and cell-labelling dyes for cell identification, cell tracking and co-culture experiments.


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