Semi-skirted PCR Plates

Semi-skirted PCR plates are ideal for automated handling and other robotic procedures. Semi-skirted PCR plates can be easier to insert and extract than skirted plates.

Our semi-skirted PCR plates are compatible with Bio-Rad’s T100™, C1000 Touch™, and S1000™ Thermal Cyclers and all CFX series real-time PCR systems. Use the PCR Plastics Consumables Selector Tool to determine individual plate compatibility with other instruments.

Several types of semi-skirted PCR plates are available to suit different needs.

  • Hard-Shell® High-Profile and Low-Profile Semi-Skirted 96-Well PCR Plates feature a patented* two-component design engineered to remain warp-free, permitting precise positioning for automation, and have black lettering for easy identification. Hard-Shell plates are compatible with heat, pressure, and adhesive sealing.
  • iQ™ High-Profile Semi-Skirted 96-Well PCR Plates are optimized for iCycler iQ®, iQ™5, MyiQ™, and MyiQ™2 Real-Time PCR Detection Systems. The semi-skirt adds stiffness and a labeling surface. The plates are perforated every three columns for easy setup of triplicate reactions.
  • Microseal® High-Profile Semi-Skirted 96-Well PCR Plates have raised edges around the plate; a pressure pad (ADR-5001) is required when sealing these plates with film for use in any Bio-Rad thermal cycler.
Features and Benefits of Semi-Skirted PCR Plates
  • Semi-skirted plates are available in both high and low profile permitting compatibility with all styles of cyclers and systems
  • Plates are free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA

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