UView™ 6x Loading Dye plus Mini Transilluminator

UView™ 6x Loading Dye plus Mini Transilluminator
UView 6x Loading Dye

UView 6x loading dye is a dual-action fluorescent nucleic acid stain and loading dye that allows for immediate visualization of DNA fragments after electrophoresis without the need for in-gel or post electrophoretic staining/destaining. While sensitive, it is also nontoxic and nonmutagenic, making it an attractive alternative to ethidium bromide.

UView 6x loading dye allows you to:

  • Save time with a combined DNA stain and loading dye
  • Visualize your DNA fragments immediately after electrophoresis
  • Use a nontoxic and nonmutagenic alternative to ethidium bromide
  • Detect samples in concentrations as low as 6 ng
  • The UView 6x loading dye is best for DNA electrophoresis applications.
UView Mini Transilluminator
  • The UView transilluminator allows visualization of agarose gels at long wavelengths.
  • Auto safety shutoff activates when lid is removed
  • Repositionable magnetic UV shield accommodates gel excision
  • Compact footprint saves bench space
  • The UView 6x mini transilluminator is best for fluorescent applications that require excitation at 365 nm.


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