Western Blotting Buffers and Reagents

Clarity™ and Clarity Max™ Western ECL Blotting Substrates

Bio-Rad’s Clarity family of Western ECL substrates are compatible with any HRP-conjugate secondary antibody and ideal for both digital and film-based imaging.

Clarity Substrate
  • Excellent sensitivity with low background levels
  • 24-hour signal duration
Clarity Max Substrate
  • Highest level of sensitivity with low background levels
  • Recommended for detection of low target amounts


Antibodies and Conjugates
  • StarBright Blue 700 Fluorescent Antibodies
  • hFAB Rhodamine Housekeeping Protein Fluorescent Antibodies
  • PrecisionAb™ Validated Western Blotting Antibodies
  • HRP and AP Conjugates
Detection Reagents
  • Clarity and Clarity Max Western ECL Substrates
  • Immun-Star™ AP Chemiluminescence Kits
  • Immun-Blot® Opti-4CN™ Colorimetric Kits
  • Immun-Blot AP Colorimetric Kits

Transfer Buffers

  • Premixed Transfer Buffers
  • Detergents and Blocking Reagents
  • Transfer Buffer Reagents


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