Metaraminol Solution

For the treatment of acute hypotension due to loss of vasoconstrictor tone as may occur during spinal anasthesia and as an adjunct to accepted remedial procedure.

For use in adults and elderly only.

  • Onset of action is within 1-2 min of administration
  • Effects can last from 20 min to 1 hour
  • Room temperature storage for up to 3 years

Metaraminol is currently distributed in the Republic of Ireland by Fannin Ltd in partnership with GH Pharma (This link will take you to a non-Fannin Ltd. website.  Fannin Ltd. does not recommend, endorse or accept liability for sites controlled by third-parties.)

Method of Sale: POM

License Number:  PA0035/049/002

MAH Holder: GH Pharma

For further information please speak to your local Fannin Representative or contact our medical information department for a copy of the SPC at or tel: +353 (0) 1 290 7000.

Full prescribing information available on request.

IE19/003/SmPC-May 19

Date of preparation: June 2019


ROI orders / enquiries please contact

+353 1 2907000

+353 1 2907111