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Home Rheumatology/Methotrexate Program
Fannin’s Home Rheumatology/Methotrexate Program is available nationwide for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.  It lets patients administer their pre-filled Metoject® syringe at home, following expert training in subcutaneous self-administration of Metoject® from our dedicated expert nursing team. Training can take place in the hospital, the patient’s home or a designated health care facility.  This can be supported by our “Sharps Disposal Service” to ensure the responsible disposal of used needle and syringes.

To avail of the training from our expert nursing team and the “Sharps Disposal Service”, patients must fill in the “Sharps Disposal Service” Faxback Form and Point Of Care Referral Form.

We also have a Metoject Step by Step Administration Guide to help patients with self-administration.

For further medical information , contact 01 2907000 or medinfo@fannin.eu.