Airtraq® Avant

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Sep 11

Fannin are pleased to announce the official launch of the Airtraq Avant, the new Low Cost per Use Airtraq® for Guided Video Intubation.

Airtraq® is the only video laryngoscope that can be reasonably and economically placed in every location where an intubation is performed. Airtraq® is a single use device that offers a full view of the glottis and guides the ET tube through the vocal cords without hyperextension. It is highly effective for difficult and challenging airways, also awake, cervical immobilisation, bariatric and face-to-face intubation. Readily available throughout Theatres, Emergency Care and ICU, on resuscitation trolleys and for Pre-hospital use, Airtraq® is single use to prevent cross contamination, easy to learn and simple to use.

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