Leg Bag Tubes

More than just a drainage bag

The risks associated with emptying and changing urine drainage bags are well documented. With this in mind, the Prosys® Plus range of drainage bags has been designed to help minimise the risks to both patients and their carers.

  • Each Prosys® Plus bag now contains a pair of latex-free sterile gloves to protect against cross-infection and maximise valuable carer time
  • Unique Click-Close drainage tap will help patients and carers easily identify when the tap is open and closed
  • New lever tap drainage system is easy to operate and ideal for those with impaired dexterity
  • Stepped connector allows a safe and secure connection preventing leakage and accidental disconnection
  • Needle-free sample port facilitates safe and efficient risk-free sampling
  • The quick-dry backing helps patients remain comfortable and confident when wearing their leg bags
  • The anti-reflux valve in all bags prevents urine backflow
  • High quality medical grade PVC keeps unwelcome aroma to a minimum


The Leg Bags and Tubes are available in the following sizes:

  • 750ml Leg Bag Short Tube
  • 750ml Leg Bag Long Tube
  • 500ml Leg Bag Short Tube
  • 500ml Leg Bag Long Tube
  • 350ml Leg Bag Short Tube
  • 350ml Leg Bag Long Tube

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