Alarm Monitor


For use with the Patterson Medical wheelchair sensor pads and bed sensor pads. The units are easy to move from wheelchairs to beds and the state-of-the-art technology ensures patient safety. These monitors, along with the new Patterson Medical pads, activate an alarm when a patient stands up or shifts weight off the pad. Sensor Pad Connect (green flash): Indicates that the alarm and pad have been connected and the alarm system is ready to use. Green flash goes off when pad is lost, not connected or faulty.

  • Low Battery Alert (amber flash): If light is flashing, replace battery immediately.
  • Alarm Alert (red flash): Patient has moved off the pad and needs assistance.
  • Reset button needs to be pressed 3 times in 2 seconds to reset alarm.
  • This helps to prevent patient tampering.
  • Includes a mounting strap, mounting hardware and a 9V battery.
  • Economy and Standard Alarm Monitors have two tones to choose from, and the Deluxe Alarm Monitor has one tone and a voice record feature.

Available with AC adapter and bed bracket.

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