AMSure® Sterile Water

For inhalation, irrigation and humidification

AMSure® Sterile Water Prefilled Humidifier, USP

350 mL and 550 mL bottles Sterile Water, USP for inhalation therapy and humidification

  • Prefilled humidifiers
  • For respiratory therapy, adapters included with each bottle
  • Reservoir bottles have built-in oxygen tubing connectors
  • Micro-diffuser produces smaller bubbles and greater surface agitation for quiet operation
  • Audible alarm alerts clinician of flow restriction or occlusion of oxygen tubing

AMSure® Sterile Water for Inhalation, USP

  • 500 mL, 750 mL and 1000 mL neutraliser bottles Sterile Water, USP
  • 12 bottles per box
  • Sterile water USP for Inhalation Therapy
  • Used in neutralisers and humidifiers
  • 3 mL and 5 mL vials Sterile Water, USP
  • Single-use vials with graduation
  • Easy open twist-off for drop dispensing
  • Used for inhalation and suctioning

AMSure® Sterile Water for Device and Wound Irrigation, USP

  • Available in 100 mL Sterile Water, USP bottle
  • Easy open twist screw top container
  • Used for device and wound irrigation



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