Bedal Flex

Bedal Flex, the answer to known issues with sutures.

Bedal Flex is suitable for stabilizing & fixating a large range of catheters, such as: nephrostomy (post-op), drainage catheters, gripper needles (Port-a-cath), thrombolysis catheters, jejunostomy, tubings, cables and drivelines (eg. LVAD)

Features Benefits
Large diameter range: 2.7-18 Fr

Universal system, wide variety of applications

Unmatched strength of securement

Prevent catheter migration & related complications

Easy to use

Extra safety lip prevents accidental loosening

Air pillows for better grip with no impact on flow rate

Prevent MARSI – Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury

Skin-safe hypoallergenic adhesive

Optimal patient comfort

Soft materials only