Biogel Eclipse® Indicator® Underglove

Preserve your surgical touch with double-gloving

Thinner for extra tactile sensitivity, the Biogel Eclipse Indicator Underglove, sterile, latex surgical gloves are 30% softer than the standard surgical gloves, for improved fit, feel and comfort. The underglove is coloured green so that it can be worn together with the Biogel Eclipse Overglove to create a coloured puncture indication system, and is proven to provide the clearest, fastest and largest coloured puncture indication available.

Biogel® key features and benefits

  • 9 out of 10 surgeons prefer Biogel for fit, feel and comfort
  • Reduced chance of a hole with an industry-leading AQL* result of 0.652
  • Every glove (100%) is air inflation tested and visually inspected for quality and safety
  • Clearer, faster and larger coloured puncture indication

Biogel Eclipse® Indicator® Underglove


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