CAT Smart

Fresenius Kabi introduces CATSmart. The unique continuous red cell separation process based on Continuous Flow technology is designed for recycling blood intra- and post-OR during cardiac, orthopedic or vascular surgery. CATSmart is the only autotransfusion device on the market using Continuous Flow technology which guarantees an early access to RBC at any time with a reliable quality.


CATSmart ensures clinical performance benefits and ergonomic benefits.

Clinical performance benefits:

  • Consistently high hematocrit
  • Excellent wash out performance of albumin, potassium, heparin, free hemoglobin
  • Complete elimination of non-emulsified fat
  • Fastest processing time due to Continuous Flow technology

Ergonomic benefits:

  • Volume independent „one-fits-all” washing chamber
  • Unique height adjustment for better handling
  • Autostart function
  • Intelligent and silent modular vacuum source
  • A colored intuitive touchscreen
  • Efficient data transfer management