Chemoprotect® Arm sleeves

The CODAN Chemoprotect® product range offers safe and reliable protection of personnel in the handling of cytotoxic drugs.

The combined use of specially matched individual  products considerably minimizes the risk of contaminations in the regular handling of cytotoxic drugs, as well as in the event of accidents (spills).

The exceptional reliability of the Chemoprotect® system is confirmed by the certification of the most important products as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to the European Directive 89/686/EEC.

Proven alternative

The preferred use of Chemoprotect® arm sleeves has proven successful in some workplaces. With regard to their material and processing properties they are identical to the Chemoprotect® protective gown. An elastic rubber cuff at the upper end provides a safe and comfortable fit with very good freedom of movement. 

The Chemoprotect® bag with a safe-seal closure is ideal for the transport of medication to the ward and is also excellent for the disposal of substances. The bags are available in transparent as well as in white (for light-sensitive cytotoxic drugs).

CODAN Chemoprotect Product Range



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