Colonoscopy Accessories

To support the colonoscopy examinations, we offer various instruments such as Colonoscopy examination pants and colon decompression catheters.

Colonoscopy Accessories include: 

  • Colon Decompression Catheter
  • Colonoscopy Shorts 

Colonoscopy Accessories – Single Use Leaflet 

Technical Details

Colon Decompression Catheter

Funnel connector; radiopaque tube
Catalogue No. Description Catheter Diameter (French) Total Length (cm) Compatible with Guide Wires
95016175 Radiopaque Tube with 6 Distal Sideports 16 175 .035” – .089”
95018175 Radiopaque Tube with 6 Distal Sideports 18 175 .035” – .089”

Colonoscopy Shorts

With slit on backside; for protection of patient intimacy
Catalogue No. Description
GAC-40-01-000 Bacteriostatic, water resistant and air permeable, universal size with slit on backside