Dual Function Mattress Replacement

Dual function mattress replacement system providing intelligent solutions for individual wound care needs.

Because every patient is unique, beacuse no one solution fits all necessities – which is why Carilex aims to provide a replacement system that is versatile for multiple patient needs. Dual Replacement System offers an intelligent combination of dynamic pressure relief and static  pressure redistribution for our patients. Packed with the masterful IPS technology, Dual’s electronic pressure sensors ans sophisitcated microprocessors run through intricate algorithms in order to respond to patient movements on mattress and adjusting internal pressure appropriately. It is the ideal therapy system with Upright and Firm modes for various positions and treatment purposee to suit high liver reliable solutions for acute care, hospital, including ICU environment, nursing home and homecare. The ability to switch between dynamic and static mode means you do not have to choose between replacement systems for different stages of care, Dual is all you need.