E- Z Wrap Ear Wraps

E-Z Wrap Ear Wraps for cannulas

E-Z Wrap Ear Wraps for Cannulas

EZ-Wrap Ear Wraps are made of a soft foam tubing to cushion the ears and protect the skin from moisture while wearing a nasal cannula. Wearing this ear wrap is important for patients who are at risk for skin breakdown. As the ears do not have padding between the skin, the foam protectors help keep skin healthy while receiving oxygen therapy.
E-Z Wrap Ear Protectors come in a set to protect both ears.

Features and Benefits
• Protects the Ears from Moisture Build-up while receiving Oxygen therapy
• Closed-Cell Foam helps Repel Moisture
• Helps reduces the risk of Skin Breakdown
• Soft Foam Moulds Easily for Comfortable Wearing
• Foam Wraps are easy to apply to the oxygen cannula

Product Specifications
•Product Number: 1016-0-50
•Quantity: Box of 50 Pairs (wrapped in pairs)
•Application: Ear Protection
•Material: Closed-Cell Foam
•Color: Grey


1016-0-50 E-Z WRAP Ear Wraps for Cannulas 


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