Easy Clean Commode


Clinell Easy Clean Commode is the latest product created by Clinell’s infection control specialists which incorporates multiple, patented design features. This is unquestionably the finest commode on the market today.

Although commodes are known to harbour dirt and germs in hard to clean areas, commode design has remained unchanged for years. They are notoriously difficult to clean properly and often have poor quality frames that rust and do not last.

This is why we have designed a revolutionary, easy clean commode with smooth rounded surfaces which contain no screws, nuts or bolts – therefore there are no hard-to-reach areas and no dirt will accumulate.

The commode dismantles very easily to allow for a complete clean.

The plastic seat cover has no stitching or foam, (both of which will guard against germ build up) and is conveniently stored at the back of the commode when in use.

The commode is designed to be multifunctional and allows for the use of both disposable and non-disposable bed pans. It can also be used over a toilet seat or in the shower. The hinged arms also allow for easy patient transferring to and from the commode. The commode allows for a weight of 190Kg (30stone).

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