Exufiber® is a sterile nonwoven gelling fibre dressing. It’s versatile, so you can use it to treat a wide range of highly exuding and cavity wounds, such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and surgical wounds. When Exufiber comes into contact with wound exudate, it transforms into a gel. The gel helps support a moist wound healing environment and it stays in one-piece so you can remove it easily when you change the dressing.

Exufiber has a high absorption and retention capacity, reducing the risk of leakage and maceration. You can use Exufiber in combination with Mepilex® Border all-in-one bordered foam dressings.

  • Superior fluid retention capacity compared to other gelling fibre dressings
  • Less risk of leakage and maceration
  • Enables a moist wound healing environment
  • Easy one-piece dressing removal which may save time and potentially help patient comfort
  • Combining Exufiber and Mepilex Border all-in-one dressing, with Safetac® creates a unique treatment option for highly exuding wounds.
Further product information

When to use Exufiber

Exufiber can be used for many types of exuding wounds, such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, partial-thickness burns, surgical wounds, donor sites and malignant wounds.

Hydrolock technology – gelling fibre dressings reinvented

Exufiber is made using a patented processing method, with a different material from traditional gelling fibres. This is Hydrolock® Technology: locking in fluid and harmful bacteria and balancing the key features you expect in a gelling fibre dressing.

Viewed under a microscope, you can see that Exufiber is packed full of fibres tightly woven together that minimise the free space for fluid or exudate to flow, which in turn boosts the entire dressing’s integrity. The result is excellent tensile strength for easy removal1,2 and superior fluid retention4 to minimise the risk of leakage and maceration.


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